Gravity and Glass Productions


To tell stories that live outside the boundaries of everyday experience - the mythology, the science fiction, and the fantasy - to uplift the belief that reality extends well beyond the observable world, and that

intuition & imagination are the most important tools in the quest to expand human understanding.

To wage war against the bloodthirsty and relentless forces of banality, boredom, and resignation. To bring to light the true strangeness of our world, and to celebrate our adventure in it.

Development & experimentation: always
Production & performance: when the planets demand.

Artistic Director: Reyna de Courcy
Associate Artistic Director: Kate Kenney


After its humble beginnings in Ashland Oregon, Gravity & Glass Productions re-manifested in New York City in 2005, when Reyna de Courcy and Kate Kenney produced a small presentation of the play 'CROOKED' by special permission of the playwright, Catherine Trieschman, directed by Rachel Scott, with the generous support of Michael Mazzeo and the Peer Gallery.

(Please note: this production took place 2+ years before 'crooked' became a wild success when produced by the Women's Project in 2008. Although ours was an extremely modest presentation, it was a great artistic success, and Gravity & Glass does claim credit for having "called it" regarding the merits of this beautiful play.)

In 2006, Kate and Reyna swung back into producing-action when invited by the Drove Theatre Company (Producers Ben Barham, Wally Marzano, and Mike Hampton) to create an evening of ten minute plays for Valentine's Day of that year. What developed was 'BOOM: LOVE AT THE END OF THE WORLD'.

The evening featured previously unproduced work from playwrights Mark St Germain, Don Nigro, Eric Walton, Mike Hampton, and many more. Don Nigro's contribution 'THE MARY CELESTE' was then published by Smith & Kraus in the 2006 edition of 'THE BEST TEN-MINUTE PLAYS FOR 3 OR MORE ACTORS'.