Gravity & Glass Productions


As you may have heard, Gravity & Glass Productions is composing a constellation of short theatrical works for Valentine’s Day of 2009, ‘Bell Book & Candy’.

We have joined forces with Triptych Theatre to conjure a monetary force sufficient to make this project possible. We need your help. Listen close.

We ask that you send to us a personal prayer, wish, dream, or hope... accompanied by a donation of any size.

The money will be put to immediate use in creating the show, and your prayer, wish, dream or hope, will be inscribed in the belly of a Silver Crane.

These silver cranes will grace the walls of our theatre (scattered like stars across the big black sky of our stage), and carry your invocation out into the universe upon the metaphysical winds of truth, beauty and love.

Once your donation has been received, an agent of the Legion of the Silver Cranes will contact you by email to collect your invocation.

Reyna & Kate, Gravity & Glass Productions

Make a tax-deductible donation

make a tax-deductable donation